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At MKSB, we recognize that excellence in managing health, safety and ‎environment (HSE) is a social responsibility and also essential to the success of our ‎business and a positive contribution to sustainable development.


Hence, our aims is to play a leading role in setting and promoting best HSE practice in the stevedoring service industry.


In order to ensure that people, environment, assets and company’s reputation are ‎not exposed to unacceptable risk in the course of performing the company's activities, we:

  • Develop, Implement and continuously improve the HSE management system in which all our activities are embedded.

  • Meet and, wherever possible, exceed applicable HSE regulatory requirements and respond to the concerns of interested parties on our HSE performance.

  • Specifically engage in consuming fewer materials, water, and energy, and reducing emissions into the air, soil and water with the aim of preventing waste materials.

  • Ensure that all staff and contractor’s personnel in each level and function are continuously provided with adequate and appropriate HSE trainings.

  • Select our business partners on the basis of their ability to comply with this HSE policy in a systematic way and co-operate and support them in this matter.

  • Create and maintain a motivating culture to encourage the free and honest expression of HSE incidents and accidents to prevent recurrence.

  • Conduct HSE, oversights including audits and management reviews to measure and monitor continuous improvement of HSE performance. 

MKSB HSE manuals outline detailed procedures to apply this HSE policy ‎systematically. We are all committed to meeting them and it is very important for ‎each of us including contractors to understand this policy and to conduct our daily ‎business in a manner that assures compliance. All managers and supervisors are ‎responsible to ensure effective implementation of this policy within those parts of ‎the business for which they are accountable.‎